We specialize in evaluating and treating all communication, reading, sensory, and fine motor delays and disorders in infants, toddlers, children and adults.

Speech-Language Therapy

Our speech-language therapists help patients develop or strengthen skills that are necessary for communication in a variety of settings, as well as support their capacity to develop independence and meaningful relationships with others.

Speech-Language Services

Speech Disorders

  • difficulty being understood
  • difficulty saying sounds such as r, s, or l
  • using a limited number of speech sounds
  • childhood apraxia of speech

Reading Delays and Disorders

  • reading below age level
  • difficulty comprehending what was read
  • difficulty remembering what was read
  • difficulty reading fluently
  • dyslexia

Language Disorders

  • difficulty understanding spoken language
  • difficulty following directions
  • difficulty remembering
  • difficulty using language
  • late talker or nonverbal

Lack of Speech or Limited Speech

  • augmentative/assistive communication training
  • using switches and iPad
  • using speaking software such as Proloquo2GO
Speech language services

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists support the ability to improve motor, cognitive, sensory processing, communication, and school and social skills, which often leads to adaptability in a variety of settings, enhancement in self-esteem, development of independence and success in school and life.

Occupational Therapy Services

Sensory and Fine Motor Difficulties

  • avoids or struggles with fine motor tasks such as cutting, writing, holding a pencil
  • has more trouble than peers with managing clothing, tying shoes, buttoning
  • has difficulty copying from a model
  • has difficulty walking in line or sitting close to other children
  • is upset by textures that are a normal part of a classroom (glue, play dough, paint) or
  • fearful of movement or seems to crave movement
  • has difficulty calming down or staying alert​
Occupational Therapy Services

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